General rules:

  • Clicks/taps are not required (except Extreme Demon).
  • Unlimited FPS is allowed.
  • Physics Bypass is forbidden.
  • Records should show the in-game endscreen for them to be eligible for the list.
  • Records using startpos switcher (from 0%) are allowed.
  • Noclip accuracy is forbidden.
  • Any use of a disallowed hack will get your record rejected.

MegaHack v8.0.1-alpha.4

  • Cheat Indicator (Obligatory) required
  • Custom Keybinds checked
  • Show Hitboxes On Death checked
  • No Camera Zoom refused
  • No Camera Move refused
  • No Pulse refused
  • No Shaders refused
  • All Modes Platformer refused
  • Force Platformer refused
  • Instant Complete refused
  • Noclip refused
  • Noclip Limits refused
  • Show Hitboxes refused
  • Show Hitbox Trail refused
  • Show Layout refused
  • Show Triggers refused
  • Startpos Reset Camera refused
  • Bypass refused
  • Creator refused
  • Speedhack refused


  • Globed checked
  • Click Sounds refused